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Foundation Crack Repair

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If you can't tell whether or not you are experiencing ground water seepage or if you may have a foundation crack here's a tip:

On the outside of your home or commercial building, take a garden hose and allow water to run in the area where you've noticed water.  Let the water run for 15-20 minutes, sometimes it doesn't take that long before you see results on the inside.  This will confirm that you have a foundation crack.

Save yourself the time and money by not wasting it on over the counter "Quick fix it's" they will not fix the problem.  We've seen it all here at Greentree from epoxy injections to plain old packing the crack with water plug or stop and the end result is a temporary fix. 

The Crack must be repaired on the outside where it began in order to completely stop the seepage.  However, there are situations where it is impossible to get to the crack on the outside in order to repair it, but not to worry we can handle that problem too.

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The 56 mil thick layer of polmeric waterproofing membrane on a shrink-resistant, heavy duty, 4 mil thick cross-laminated polyethylene carrier film provides dual protection of your foundation.  The sealtight Mel-Rol Waterproofing system provides a very cost and functionally effective answer to properly waterproofing the foundations, vertical walls and below grade floors in residential and non residential construction. 



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