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Greentree Waterproofing - We protect your investment <image>

William Merrifield, Sr, President

Thomas Ballog, Inspector
Glenn Galloway,Inspector

Daniel Higgenbotham, Inspector
Mark Underwood, Inspector

Jeff Green, Foreman
Aaron Williams, Foreman

Charles Wallace, Foreman
John Brown, Foreman
Joey Hoehn, Forerman

Pamela Lawson, Secretary

Greentree Waterproofing, Inc.

"Our Team"

Free Inspections and Estimates for Home and Business Owners

Greentree Waterproofing, Inc.

300 North 17th Street

Springfield, IL  62704-5705

Office Hours:  8 a.m - 4 p.m

Monday through Friday


Toll Free:   1-800-831-0112

Springfield & Champaign  525-2224

Peoria  309-681-1345

Bloomington  309-451-1138


Financing Options

This is a standard loan. The full amount of the loan would be handed to you upon signing the loan documents. A coupon book would be mailed to you with a predetermined number of payments to pay the loan in full.


18,24,36,48 and 60 months Same as Cash

Subject to credit approval.  No interest or finance charges apply.

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