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Baseboard Removal

Seepage - Baseboard or Beaver System Removal <image>
Baseboard or Beaver System Removal

When you are getting bids on your water seepage problem make sure you select the right system for your basement or crawlspace.

Water pressure beneath your foundation can cause hairline cracks scattering in different places in the concrete floor. This problem eliminates the use of the "beaver" or also know as the "baseboard system."  We find the beaver or baseboard systems used more commonly in rental properties and or in homes where the water table is not high or the seepage problem not severe.

If your property currently has a beaver or baseboard system and the property is taking on water and you request our services Greentree Waterproofing, Inc., will remove that system.  Once we have removed an existing baseboard system and install our subfloor drainage system Greentree Waterproofing, Inc., will install our "finger system" to take care of the hairline floor cracks.

"Finger system" a system designed to treat seeping floor cracks which are not close to a wall. A miniture system which ties into "Hydrostatic Pressure Relief System" also known as the "Subfloor Drainage System".

Other Products and Services:

Battery Back Up Unit installation - In the event your power goes out or your sump pump ceases to function, highly recommended.

Wall Channels - Supports walls where there has been pressure from the exterior causing bowing or bulging.

Egress Windows- Our team of professional installers can add valuable living space to your basement with a Egress windows.

Exterior Check up

There's a few things a home owner can do before calling the professionals;

Make sure your gutters functional and are cleaned several times throughout the Spring and Fall especially if you have mature trees close to your property.  We find Leaves and debris clogging gutters and downspouts to be a major problem for many foundation problems.

Downspouts are connected properly and elbows secured.  You do not want water pooling or pounding against your foundation.

Splash blocks in place running water away from the foundation.  Water should not be allowed to puddle close to your foundation.  The further away it flows the better.

Keep your grading built up so that water runs away from the foundation. Backfill where necessary to eliminate standing water.  If you have contracted with Greentree Waterproofing to apply top soil, the property owner must maintain the grading keeping the soil with a positive run off away from the foundation.

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