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Life of the Foundation Warranty

Increasing your living space or Selling?

  • Restore the PROPERTY VALUE and possibly increase the value of your property.
  • Increase your living and recreational space.
  • Guarantees a dry basement and or crawlspace year round.
  • Clean, healthier and more attractive home, as well as to stop your foundation from its continued structural damage. Lastly, PEACE OF MIND! knowing that when it rains outside, it remains dry inside.
  • Our services will eliminate the health and safety hazards that a seeping and damaged foundation presents to you and others, not to mention the back breaking time of the on-going clean up.
  • One of the first signs of a water problem, besides the water itself, is the growth or mold. Every wonder where the stale odor comes from when you've been away for several days.  If you are allergic to mold and mildew here's one of the reasons why your systoms continue to flare up.
  • In achieving your goals, we provide exterior and interior foundation repair where most problems originate, whereas many waterproofing companies do not perform exterior work.
  • If you are planning on selling your home it would be most advantageous to increase the value of your sale by presenting the New buyer with a Life of the Foundation Warranty.
  • By selling your home or commercial building "as is" only results in a loss of expected profit. As added insurance and for buyers protection a potential buyer will request a home inspection. They want to have some idea of what they are buying into and to see if there are necessary repairs and most of all to make sure the home has a sound structure. There are many signs of water problems even if the seller has ripped out the stained carpet or painted over the walls, our Inspectors can tell you the secrets that are trying to be kept.
  • Ideally the potential buyer will use this home inspection or cost analysis as a negotiating tool, thus reducing your asking price.  If you're not going to have the structure repaired before you sell, keep yourself in the drivers seat by obtaining your own estimate from a reputable company such as Greentree Waterproofing, Inc., (BBB member) preferrably.

Pro's and Con's

Basement waterproofers can be con artists. Bill Merrifield, Sr., President of Greentree Waterproofing, Inc., offers these tips to avoid being scammed:

Ask the contractor for a list of several customers with the phone numbers and call them. Do not rely on letters of recommendation.

Determine who you are dealing with. Many companies listed in the Yellow Pages are operated by a franchise. You need to know their business in your community.

Check with the local Better Business Bureau, or if there is none, the Chamber of Commerce or Attorney General's Office or Consumer Affairs.

Get a written estimate listing everything the contractor plans to do. Read front and back if there is one and all the fine print.

Other than a small retainer, never pay for any work until it is completed according to the agreement you signed.

Location of the Waterproofing company is very important.  Living in Illinois and contracting with a company out of Missouri, Indiana or any other state represents a problem during an emergency.

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